The Audi A1 is a subtle but fun luxury hatch

It's fun to drive, too
by Jason Tulio | Sep 14, 2017

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Fun fact: A luxury car doesn't have to attract every eyeball on the road. Take the Audi A1, for instance. It features a sleek design with a fine fit and finish that's admirable up close, but you wouldn't exactly gawk at it if you saw it from afar. But that's part of what makes it such a charming car.

Once you get in, that German attention to detail permeates throughout the interior as well, though roominess is a bit of an issue. But when you drive it, you soon forget about all of that as the fun begins. The 1.4-liter turbo's 125hp doesn't seem like much, but you feel every single horse under the right settings. It's agile and fun to throw around even in moderate traffic. 

Is it practical? For most motorists, not really. But for us, it was a fun escape from reality. To find out the other reasons we find this car amusing to drive, click play on our video. 

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