PH employees share commuting woes as they (physically) go back to work

How’s the return-to-office experience been for you so far?
by Anthon De Los Santos | Mar 28, 2022
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On March 1, parts of the country were put under Alert Level 1. With the looser restrictions, many of us began trooping back to the office as companies instructed employees to report physically to work.

Some bosses want to see more people at actual workstations rather than virtual ones at home, where they believe productivity can be compromised. Whether this reasoning is justified or not, it leads to one inevitable thing: We’re back to enduring the metro’s grueling traffic.

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Working from home not only provides a reprieve from that very problem, but it’s also the best arrangement for most people. Two years of this setup proved we can accomplish so much more—at work or outside of it—without a three– to four–hour daily commute.


If your boss relegated you back to the old ways of office setup, you might want to read what others had to say so far:

Commuter problems with public transportation in Metro Manila

I needed a map and [felt] like a probinsyano.” – Meredith Chua

More productivity in WFH mode rather than wasting gas, time, and money going to [the] office full of stressful mindset.” – Gani Mamaril Ortiz

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It has been proven that some companies can still be productive with WFH which can lessen traffic and stress to employees. Why not continue that? – Luis Apacible

“Never been better as a bike to work [as a] commuter; those bike lanes do wonders except when kamotes do their thing.” – John Michael Dela Cruz

Traffic is worsening, I think we now need to implement the whole-day number-coding and bring back the truck ban. – Armin M. Punzalan

Companies can save with hybrid arrangement. Would be nice if office work is staggered between different employers to limit the load on the road. Plus hybrid still provides more business to logistics services like food delivery, which also benefits from less load on the road network. As an employee, you just have to invest more in your WFH setup not limited to work equipment. You can also learn to appreciate how to make your home office and home a much better place to live and work in.” – Treble Balasang


Hybrid arrangement [na] lang sana kasi no-brainer going to office EVERY FREAKING DAY. Just to do virtual meetings with clients... Skyway traffic is hell if you live in the south, especially during rush hour... paano pa kaya pag sinabay na mga students?!” – Anne Chua Fabia

“Yung on-site na kayo tapos may zoom meeting pa rin.” – Gideon P. Reyes

Sucat via Skyway to Port Area and Manila and back used to be a one-hour drive prior to [Alert] Levels 2 and 3. Now it has become 1.5-2 hours.” – Kumii Atienza-Ruiz

“Sino yung nagsabi dati na nalunas na ang traffic sa EDSA?” – Frederick Carlos Silva

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PHOTO: Shutterstock
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