Bangkok Motor Show: 10 interesting car finds

We wouldn't mind seeing them here
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Mar 29, 2011 Philippine Car News - 10 of the most interesting cars at the 2011 Bangkok Motor Show

Of all the international motor shows, the Bangkok International Motor Show is the most relevant to our market. Since most of our local units are sourced from Thailand, there's a good chance that what they have at the show will likely reach us soon.

We've already written about the Ford Ranger, the Chevrolet Colorado and the Honda Brio a number of times before so we'll conveniently skip them on this list. The Toyota FT-86 Concept is also old news since the updated FT-86 II Concept is already out. Still, we can't wait to pit the production versions of the Ranger and the Colorado sometime next year while Honda's entry to Thailand's eco-car project looks promising judging by the number of people inquiring about it at the show regardless of its polarizing looks. As for the FT-86 Concept, we just want to see an honest-to-goodness Japanese sports car make its way here.

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So, besides the four aforementioned vehicles, we bring you what we think are 10 of the most interesting cars that we'd like to see on our roads.


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