Buying a car: Why there’s no better time than now

A new set of wheels is waiting for you at the 2016 PIMS
Sep 10, 2016

With the bevy of impressive models on show at PIMS 2016, it’s only natural that the thought of buying a new car crosses your mind. Well, the timing is perfect to do just that, and here’s a few reasons why:

Funding is Easier than Ever
The consistent positive growth of the automotive industry has given banks and other financial institutions the confidence to open their doors to car buyers. Funding for your car is a lot easier to come by now.

Just to prove how easy it’s become, there has been a rise in the last few years in the number of people from lower income brackets buying brand-new cars, as opposed to second-hand. 

The Government Has Your Back
Since August 2014, car buyers have benefited from the protection granted by Republic Act 10642, otherwise known as the Lemon Law. In a nutshell, the law allows buyer to get free replacement parts and/or repurchase funds for defects in their new cars, if certain prerequisites are met – meaning that there’s a lot less risk in the off chance you end up buying a lemon.

The government’s Technical Working Group (TWG), on the other hand, is a body that helps uphold certain standards for motor vehicles and parts. One of their functions is to enforce anti-counterfeit measures, which basically means that the government wants to help you avoid buying fake products.

Traffic Can Only Get Better
Don’t worry too much about the hours you’re currently spending on EDSA; these are just growing pains. New roads and more efficient routes, such as the NAIA Expressway ramp near Resorts World, are expected to help decongest the streets when completed. While the construction itself can impede traffic somewhat, the payoff will be well worth it.

In addition, public transportation is seeing promising developments as well, from the purchasing of new cars for the MRT to the creation of alternative modes of transportation, such as Mandaluyong’s E-Trikes and the revival of the Pasig River Ferry.

The Models
For a lot of us, it all boils down to how impressive today’s models are compared to yesteryear’s. As technology improves, features that used to be premium additions become standard inclusions in cars; concepts that were once pegged as “futuristic ideas” are coming to reality today.

With such a positive outlook in the automotive industry, you can bet on speeding towards the future on wheels you can call your very own.

Check out the amazing new models being showcased at PIMS from September 14 to 18 at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila. Visit for more details.

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