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These were the car ads shown during Super Bowl 2019

The latest from some top carmakers
PHOTO: Toyota

While the Philippines isn’t exactly an American Football-crazed country, we can count on one enjoyable thing from America’s biggest sporting event of the year: big-budget car ads. The Super Bowl is equally known for its halftime show and advertising slots as it is for hosting the final game of the National Football League’s (NFL) season.

This year, some carmakers showcased their latest products, while others sought to bring a deeper message to the masses. Have a look at what was aired below.

The Supra makes its commercial debut

It’s no coincidence that Toyota decided to show the commercial for its new sports car during the big game. The ad is directed by Marc Foster of Monster’s Ball and The Kite Runner fame, and showcases the Supra...driving through a pinball machine. Well, that should appease the haters, right?

Shattering perceptions

The Supra ad wasn’t the only thing Toyota aired during the Super Bowl. This one, which ties in with the all-new RAV4 Hybrid, is a lot more inspirational than the life-sized pinball machine. It features Toni Harris, a football player who aspires to be the first female to sign with the NFL.

Can automotive safety tech be used in football, too? 

Technically, this ad wasn’t aired during the game itself, but it’s still worth watching. It gives a hilarious take on what would happen if cutting-edge car-safety tech were applied to the most delicate of football players—the quarterback.

Using Super Bowl money to help others


Kia’s ad this year wasn’t made to market a new car. Instead, the Korean carmaker is using its budget to help others. The Great Unknowns Scholarship was established “to help young people in need get a foothold in higher education.”

Don’t choke on your aspirations

At first, it seems this Audi ad about the e-tron is going to be all sappy and sentimental. But instead, you get a rude (and seemingly rather painful) awakening.

Car shopping made easy

According to Hyundai, the traditional model of car shopping is an experience that’s worse than getting a root canal. Ouch. Thankfully, the carmaker’s got a solution, brought to you by Golden Globe-winning elevator operator Jason Bateman.

Do as I say

Wouldn’t life be so much better if everything and everyone did exactly as you told them to? Mercedes-Benz demonstrates that reality in its ad for the all-new A-Class. But while the car and tech are new, the music cameo makes the ad feel just a bit dated.

Make sure of it

With the media landscape changing, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles actually aired its ads on its digital platforms before the Super Bowl. This commercial starring Jeremy Renner reminds us that it’s our job to ensure the success of the next generation. 

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PHOTO: Toyota
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