3 things to consider when getting your car windows tinted

It's more than just a film on your car glass
Nov 16, 2016
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Getting window tints installed is perhaps the easiest way to elevate or refresh your car’s look. But beyond aesthetics, do you really know what else to look for and consider?

No two tints are made the same, just as no two car owners are exactly alike. Every motorist has unique demands, so car tints should match their owner’s lifestyle. Here are three things you should consider before getting a tint:

Tint laws. Always check for existing tint laws in your locale. At present, no tinting laws exist yet in the Philippines, but there are unconfirmed rules that prohibit transport vehicles to have very dark tints.

Types of tints. There are different kinds of tints. The metallic performance film has a reflective surface. It helps bounce off UV rays and rejects heat while providing privacy. However, its metallized form interferes with signals. The traditional non-reflective film, on the other hand, is suitable for navigational and other transportation vehicles because it does not impede with signals. But when it comes to heat rejection, it is falls behind metallic films.

Your reason for getting a tint.  Here are a few guide questions to help you:

Is it to improve your car’s appearance?  Dark shades make glass look sleek, while lighter tones offer a cleaner look. If you prefer the latter, you might want to consider 3M™ Crystalline Tint. Its top-of-the-line quality makes for the best aesthetics, superior clarity, and extra cooling effect while driving for improved comfort.

Is it to keep your car cool while on the road? If you drive during the daytime more often than night time, a heat-deflective window tint is a MUST. Medium dark shades are the most suitable option. Try 3M™ Black Chrome Tint. It provides maximum heat rejection for extreme comfort while on the go.

Is it to prevent others from seeing you from the outside?  Darker shades might be your best bet. Just be careful not to compromise visibility while driving at night. Check out 3M™ Color Stable Tint. This is ideal for people who want tint that is dark on the outside but clear from the inside. And because of its non-metallized technology, it has zero interference with cellular signal.

Is it for safety and security from road accidents? Tint that reinforces the strength of your windows might sound like a good idea. 3M™ Scotchshield™ Tint, for example, can hold shattered glass together even if your windows get broken, providing an extra layer of protection for you and your belongings

Tinting is a delicate procedure. Let a professional tint applicator do it. It doesn’t just save you from extra expenses, but it also ensures that the job is done properly. Tinting can also be a costly expense. So if you’re going to get it done, it's best to invest on premium-quality tints. It’s not something you change every day after all.

Your objective in getting a car tint influences the kind of tint that you choose. Therefore, the right tint shade is always a personal choice. But keep in mind that getting the film that fits your needs requires you to balance your tint standards. 3M™ Automotive Tints certainly has your back. Its wide array of tint variants is guaranteed to keep you cool, comfortable, safe, and private while on the road. Choose the right tint for you because you, your car, and your #TintMatters. Ask your dealer about 3M™ Automotive Tints today!

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