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Casa revelations: Our readers’ best after-sales service experiences in PH

‘Under warranty pa naman’
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Why is it that many car owners are quick to dismiss trips to the casa as a ripoff? Well, the answer is simple: There are plenty of horror stories going around—not just regarding pricing, but the overall quality of service and staff, too.

That said, not all casas offer the same level of quality. Sure, there are probably some pretty bad ones out there. But at the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that there are good ones around as well.

Need proof? We asked our readers to share their best-ever after-sales service experiences at their casa. Things of note? Speed, reliable service, and courteous staff go a very long way. Oh, and free food. Don’t forget free food.

5 Things you definitely don’t want to hear from your casa

Our readers’ best after-sales experience stories

Agent: Sir, may traces ng dumi sa ilalim ng headlights niyo.
Ako: Ah oo, paano ba linisin ‘yan?
Agent: Proof ng water ingress yan sir. Under warranty pa naman kaya palitan natin yung buong headlight unit.
Ako: Ah okay.


- Noni Godoy

Two-day windshield replacement (normally will take five days) at Toyota North Edsa. Unli-popcorn sa customer lounge, good movie at may massage chair pa. Sulitin mo lahat para kalmado ka pag nakita mo na yung bill mo, hehe.” - Ran Reyes

Registered, gave me a couple of choices for the plate number, and installed same day I bought the car before driving it out. Every time I service it they lend me a demo unit while car is being serviced. Coffee tea snacks always complimentary.” - Eric Tan

When they provide a service car, it’s like test driving another car for a day. I don’t have to wait around for my car to finish. I can still continue with my day then just come back when it’s done.” - Ilaine Jocson

Toyota San Fernando's unli-coffee, tea, sandwiches and pastries, and friendly staff. Plus they have a kids’ room where you can put your makukulits while waiting.” - Jing Ines Gonzalo

Toyota Balintawak. You can closely watch your car through the glass window while on PMS. Always may coffee, juice, or iced tea offer. Humble staff.” - Demy Gonzales

I had my car serviced at Toyota Bicutan, Paranaque, for a warranty claim (my car was purchased from Toyota Lipa). The service advisor himself offered his personal car for me to attend an urgent and important meeting in Calamba, Laguna.” - Ralph Gabriel Urbano

MAC Autoservice Center, Marikina. They let you see your car being serviced at the floor area and explain what are the services they made (for example if there are parts that need to be repaired and replaced). Staff are also friendly.” - Mia Renve Enola

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Toyota Santa Rosa. Naaalala ko lang yung guest lounge. Free coffee or Juice. Next time magbabaon na ko ng pandesal.” - Jon Villegas

They actually told me where to get much cheaper original parts so I could save money. There was even one instance where the service agent gave me the number of someone proficient in repairing computer boxes instead of having to replace it whole. Ended up costing P7,000 only instead of P25,000 for a new box.” - Felix Alberto Cuevas

I guess most Toyota casas have this wonderful reception/waiting area na may Wi-Fi (so you can work), unlimited food (mostly pastries), and unli-juice/coffee. Just simple things that don’t get you bored and feel at home to kill time while our vehicles get serviced.” - Sherard Jaramillo

The best ang Toyota Shaw and Toyota Tuguegarao. From the entrance, greetings with a big smile kay manong guard and lahat ng staff very friendly. May free coffee pa and unlimited wifi.” - Ritchelle Tolentino

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