Watch: Superbike champ talks about racing, road safety

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Nov 28, 2015
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Last week, we introduced you to Anthony Roman, a champion superbike racer who happens to be one of the country's best and brightest. The young athlete is advocating a sport that's about to be mainstream in the coming years. Like other superbike racers, his passion for the sport cannot be denied.

His life as a superbike racer and a motorsport enthusiast is currently being featured in a web series called Castrol Power1 Accelerator. Here's another glimpse at the pilot episode that aired earlier this month:

In the show's second episode, Anthony proceeds to talk about road safety, pushing himself to the limit, and the hazards of racing at a competitive level. Here's an exclusive look at Episode 2:

The third episode, meanwhile, discusses his accomplishments on the race track, the importance of discipline and dedication, and the many life lessons he learned from his mentors. Click on the video to see Episode 3:

Watch and find out more about Anthony in the next episode, which will come out in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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