Meet the new and more athletic Chevrolet Trax

New and improved
by Jason Tulio | Jul 22, 2017

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The 2017 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) was quite the spectacle, filled with many highly anticipated launches of new cars for us to salivate over. Chevrolet Philippines' main contender for the show was the all-new Spark. But the American carmaker had another new car on the show floor that got considerably less fanfare: the refreshed Trax

We recently got our hands on a demo unit of the new crossover, and despite its relative anonymity at MIAS, its improvements are pleasing to the eyes. Gone is the chubby look of old, replaced by sleeker lines and a more aggressive front fascia. 

Inside, the crossover now looks and feels more premium, with nicer seat materials and beautiful stitching throughout the cabin. Behind the wheel, it still has the agility and adequate power that we liked from the pre-facelift version. 

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Click play on the link above to learn more about the new and sportier Trax. 

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