Chip the French Bulldog makes better car sounds than you do

Listen to his VTEC kick in, yo
by Rowan Horncastle | Jul 27, 2017

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Indianapolis, Indiana in the US is religious turf to petrolheads. It’s the home of the Indy 500 and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But it's also home to Chip, the amazing car impressionist French Bulldog. 

Yep, we’ve seen humans scrunch their face, inhale vast amount of air, and press their lips together to replicate a straight-six engine/dump valve/clunky gear change/any other mechanical noise that needs to be made. But we’ve never seen a dog do it. 

That was until we met Chip, via the Internet. Who is quite possibly the best dog in the world (sorry Bantay and Lassie) as he can replicate the noise of a highly-tuned car/race car to near perfection. 

Clearing his throat he quickly starts off with a blippy heel-and-toe downshift to build the revs up until VTEC kicks in, yo. When it does, Chip goes wild. With the revs soaring, he hits the limiter and goes for another gear. Then another one. Before going back down the box and coming to a rest. Where we, the crowd, go wild. 

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Here’s to Chip. Top Gear’s new favorite dog.

NOTE: This article first appeared on Minor edits have been made. 

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