Cristiano Ronaldo may have one-upped Mayweather with his new ride

Hint: It's one of 500 units
by Drei Laurel | Oct 2, 2017

After consistently finding himself among the planet's highest paid athletes year after year, you wouldn't think Cristiano Ronaldo buying a brand-new car would be a big deal. Because, come on, the dude is practically the face of Nike. Not LeBron James…but Ronaldo (because soccer is still the world's most popular sport).

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Now usually, that'd be the case. Except the Real Madrid superstar (who banked more than $90 million [P4.6 billion] in earnings last year) didn't buy just any ordinary car. His latest acquisition is the Bugatti Chironone in 500, 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged engine capable of 1,479hp, 430kph top speed and all. Regardless of who you are and how much you make, that's one hell of a purchase.

The soccer idol took to Instagram to show off his brand-new ride via a photo and a short video clip of him driving it with his son riding shotgun. "New animal in the building Bugatti Chiron," Ronaldo says in his caption, followed by a handful of celebratory emojis. He's not one for words, but when you can kick a ball as well as he does, you don't have to be.

Your move, Floyd Mayweather.

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PHOTO: Cristiano Ronaldo
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