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The world's wildest car meet is in Japan

Not a surprise

Welcome to Daikoku PA. By day, an unassuming service station car park on the outskirts of Yokohama, Japan. A place where drivers and truckers stop for some ramen and a rest.

But by night, it's one of the most fascinating places in the whole automotive world. It's home to a car meet bigger, wilder, and more most diverse than you'd dare imagine. It’s a world we had the pleasure of visiting recently.

A world where little pockets of MX-5s, Impreza, AE86s and Toyota Crowns naturally collect together, with non-compliant cars happily vacating their space to keep the car park neatly categorized.

A world where a Lambo Aventador SV or Ferrari F430 Scuderia slips around unnoticed, and almost unheard. Where a quad-rotor naturally aspirated Mazda RX-7 is what you really need to get heard. Or a twin-turbo Supra-engined Rolls-Royce Phantom.

A world where both noises are only topped by the siren as Japanese police officers drive around to keep the fun under control around 10pm. They needn't; the odd cheeky burnout aside, this is all mildly mannered and well behaved. Staggering when there are hundreds of cars and potentially hundreds of thousands of horsepower confined into a public space.

A world where a Frenchman turns up in a Renault Sport Twingo—never a softly-sprung car—that he's driven from France. Without an aux lead for his iPod, too. More Twingos are there on the same night, too, and they promptly come and park alongside him for moral support.

A world where lowriders line up and hop around on their suspension like it's sunny So Cal, not the truck park of a cold and dark motorway service station.

A world where Top Gear turns up in a former Subaru Impreza WRC car driven by Colin McRae, and it blends into the background.

A world we spent hours in, and didn't want to leave. Get a glimpse of it here, and tell us which of its wild selection of cars you'd like to turn up in.

NOTE: This article first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.


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