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How to defend against a knife attack when behind the wheel

If worse comes to worst

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A few days ago, we showed you guys how to defend yourself in the event someone attempts to take your vehicle as you're stepping inside.

Many of you commented that the best course of action would be to simply give up the keys, and that's a very valid point. No car is worth getting killed over. But what should you do if the carjacker tells you to get in the vehicle with him and take the wheel? It's a different situation entirely.

In part two of our self-defense video series, International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) chief instructor Dindo de Jesus shows us how to defend ourselves in the event an assailant attempts a knife attack while you're behind the wheel. For safety reasons, the car isn't in transit during the demonstration.

Again, the people demonstrating the moves shown in the video are trained professionals who have spent years mastering their technique. If given the opportunity, just give up your keys and report the incident to the authorities. But if worse comes to worst, at least you'll have some idea of what to do.

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