10 Things anyone who regularly drives their mom will relate to

by Drei Laurel | May 12, 2019
PHOTO: Dinzo Tabamo

Mother knows best. In her mind, she always has and always will. This applies to when she’s sitting in the passenger seat with you behind the wheel, too.

We might not always like it, and often, it might not be to our convenience, but deep down we all know it’s the least we can do for the woman who has brought us into this world. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we break down 10 things that anyone who regularly drives their mom around will relate to. Enjoy.

1) Braking is everything.

If you’re anything but smooth with the brake pedal, you’re anything but a good driver. Just ask mom. It doesn’t matter if someone suddenly cuts you off or a puppy decided to run up in front of your car. Seriously, though, does she have a G-sensor planted in her back or something?

2) ‘Isang ikot lang’ is never ‘Isang ikot lang.’

Three words every son dreads when dropping mom off at the parlor, grocery, or mall. All these trips end up with you sitting patiently in a parked car waiting for your mom’s go signal—if it ever comes, that is. This brings us to...


3) Please, for the love of God, answer your phone.

Which entrance does she want to be picked up at? Should I just park for the time being? Will she head to where I am or the other way around?

Sadly, it’ll be quite a while before any of your questions are answered—if at all. Best-case scenario? She’ll chance upon her vibrating phone in between coffees at Mary Grace. Worst case? Her battery’s already dead (just like your plans for the rest of the day).

4) You’re her ‘bag boy’ as well.

Do not—we repeat—do not forget to load all of your mother’s bags and belongings into the vehicle before driving off. Likewise, be sure to hand them off to her once she alights from the vehicle, too. It’s your sacred duty. Remember: You’ll be the one driving back and forth if she—or rather, you—leave any of her things inside your car. Speaking of that...

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5) Your car has a lost-and-found department.

Glasses, her wallet, charger, meds—these are just some of the common items your mother often misplaces or leaves inside your vehicle. Pray you don’t find her phone in the backseat because, well, refer to item three on this list.

6) No suspension will ever be good enough.

No, it isn’t the car. Nor is it the road you’re driving on. Simply put, you’re mother’s spine has standards that no suspension setup will ever be able to satisfy. Every surface may as well be EDSA if she’s sitting in the backseat.

7) Who needs parking cameras?

Ops. Ops. Ops. Ang lapit mo na dito.” Yes, all mothers are living, breathing 360-degree parking sensors. Having mom around while you’re parking takes the sting out of settling for a bare-bones base variant with no reversing camera, right?

8) Mother, not Waze, knows best.

Keep in mind: Her destination, her route. It doesn’t matter what Waze says. “Ano ba naman yang Waze na yan. Ano na ang gagawin mo kung walang Internet?” She’s not exactly wrong, you know.


9) You’ve memorized her routine.

You know her go-to parlor and what café she meets her friends at—in fact, you might even know these establishments’ security guards on a first-name basis. You’ve memorized her schedule to the dot and you already know which exit she’s coming out of at the mall.

10) She’s still your favorite driving buddy.

You don’t mind the nagging, the back-and-forth drives, and the messed-up schedules—her company more than makes up for all of it.

The daily grind doesn’t permit you to spend as much time with her as you used to, so you’ve learned not to take these drives with her for granted. Besides, what’s an hour or two stuck in traffic compared to a lifetime of, well, being your mom?

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

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PHOTO: Dinzo Tabamo
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