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There is an immaculate E34 BMW M5 for sale now

Truly one of the great Ms
PHOTO: AND Studios

Damn. Have you ever seen a cleaner E34 BMW M5 than the one above? We’re not sure they even came out of the factory looking this good.

Offered between 1989 and 1995, the E34 M5 was the last hand-built M car and, of course, the last M5 to feature a straight-six. Not many still look as box-fresh as this example, though.

This particular ‘Brilliant Red’ E34 has covered just 50,360km since it was first registered in 1991. It’s now up for sale through Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas, and it certainly ain’t cheap. We’ll come right out and say it—it’s $67,000 (P3.39 million). Ouch.

But what a thing. This being a North American example, under the hood is the 3.6-liter iteration of the S38 straight-six rather than the updated 3.8-liter, but that engine was still good for 311hp, 0-60mph (97kph) in 6.3sec, and a top speed of 253kph.

Check out those throwing star wheels and the five-speed manual ’box. That interior is damn-near perfect, too. Oh, how we miss simplicity. And check out the in-car phone. Magnificent.

Tempted, Internet?

NOTE: This article first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: AND Studios
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