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Best of YouTube: No power? Motoring has a fix for that

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You can use the Ford F-150 Lightning as a generator

The Ford F-150 Lightning might just be the breakthrough electric vehicles need in the US market. Us, though? We just want one so we’re prepared in case of a blackout. Ford says the vehicle’s extended-range battery can power a house for up to three days. We’d love to put that claim to the test.

The Nissan Leaf can do it, too

The F-150 Lightning’s trick isn’t exactly new, though. Other EVs, including the Nissan Leaf, have been marketing that capability for a while already. Here you can watch the Japanese EV providing power to what’s essentially an entire home showroom.

When the electric fan just isn’t cutting it

Plugging the electric fan into a power inverter hooked up to your car’s battery? Please. How about juicing up a split-type A/C with one instead? This dude proves it can be done. We have to say, though, that you probably shouldn’t attempt this without experience with electricals or doing proper research first.

No car? How about a bicycle?

No electric car? No access to a car at all? That’s fine, you can make a bicycle work provided you have the engineering know-how. You’re going to have to do a ton of pedaling, though. This YouTuber did the math, and he would have to pedal for 14 years straight to power his entire home.

Even old laptop batteries will do

Cars? Bicycles? That’s cute. This dude right here? He’s living with electricity using do-it-yourself a ‘power wall’ that utilizes old laptop batteries. He used the know-how he gained from converting a Volkswagen Kombi into an EV to be able to live completely off the grid power-wise.


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