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Exclusive: Christopher Lao tells his story

Rails against cyber-bullying

If you're a regular visitor of this site, you must know who Christopher Lao is. But to refresh your memory, he was the hapless law-school graduate who drove (and stalled) his car through floodwater during Typhoon Kabayan. The rude and often cruel remarks thrown his way were just too much. In fact, they already bordered on the nefarious.

Traumatized, Chris retreated from the outside world and tried to make sense of all the negativity. We only ever heard from him again when he recently took part in a viral-video campaign for BPI Family Savings Bank. But he never really talked to anyone about one of the saddest moments in Philippine social-media history.

Until now. Here's our exclusive interview with the Nissan Exalta owner whose life will never be the same because of cyber-bullying.

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