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A road-legal Ferrari 575 GTC actually exists, and it’s currently for sale

Well, not officially—it’s the work of a Dutch dealer. And it’s for sale
PHOTO: Noël van Bilsen

Perhaps a quick bit of background. In the early 2000s, Prodrive was having an impressive run of results with its now-iconic Ferrari 550 GTS, without any factory support from Ferrari itself.

So, when the updated 575M Maranello arrived in 2002, Ferrari decided to piggyback off that success and create a 575 GTC that privateers could buy and run in the FIA GT Championship.

The Ferrari 575

Developed by Ferrari Corse Clienti in collaboration with N.Technology, the 575 GTC featured a wider track, side-exit exhausts, composite panels, a six-speed Xtrac sequential gearbox, a humongous rear wing and plenty of other race-car bits. Oh, and the 575M’s standard 5.7-liter V12 engine was bored out to 6.0 liters, at which point it was making 597hp and 729Nm of torque. Enough, one suspects.

What you see above is not a 575 GTC, though. The fact that it has space for a rear license plate hints that this is completely road-legal and is actually a standard 575M that has been part-converted into a GTC.


The Ferrari 575 - Profile

It looks fantastic, doesn’t it? It’s the work of Dutch dealership Classic Youngtimers Consultancy and is being labeled the 575 GTC Stradale. Very nice.

As you can see, it has the widebody package and the carbon-fiber aero of the racer, as well as mighty side-exit exhausts and a roll-hooped interior. Classic Youngtimers has also fitted OZ Racing magnesium wheels and custom headlights, as well as a racing fuel filler and fully adjustable Intrax suspension.

The Ferrari 575 - Interrior Seats

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There’s no word on any engine modifications, but the standard 575M’s V12 still produced a hefty 508hp and 588Nm of torque at the time. Plus, that exhaust will surely help it breathe a little easier these days. The gearbox is still the standard F1 automated manual unit, too, with the 575M being the first V12 Ferrari to have that option.

The best news? Classic Youngtimers currently has this rather wacky creation listed for sale. Bad news is it’s €195,000 (around P11.4 million) plus VAT. Worth it?

More photos of the Ferrari 575:

The Ferrari 575 - Hood Top View

The Ferrari 575 - Wheel Detail


The Ferrari 575 - Fuel Cap

The Ferrari 575 - Exhaust

The Ferrari 575 - Spoiler and Rear Lights

The Ferrari 575 - Top View

The Ferrari 575 - Front Profile


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PHOTO: Noël van Bilsen
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