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Oct 14, 2016
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With a variety of options available in the market today, only one thing's for sure—somewhere out there, the perfect car is waiting for you.

But how will you know which car is the one? You can start by considering these questions to narrow down your options.

What will I be using the car for? It's not just about the aesthetics. Different makes and models are better suited for specific needs. If you will be using the car mainly for city driving, a compact car may be ideal. But, if you will be covering a lot of ground, constantly going on long drives, you might want to consider something more roomy and comfortable. 

Who's going to be riding in the car? If the car is solely for your own use, then great! You can go cruising in style with that sleek sports car or top-of-the-line sedan. However, if you'll be sharing it with the rest of the family, transporting kids or elderly people, then you must consider their needs, too. A spacious SUV or van might be the better suited for you.And since you'll be transporting precious cargo—your family—a car with advanced safety systems would be ideal.

What car features do I want and need? Apart from the basics, what other added car specs do you need? A built-in navigation system? Voice-activated controls? How about a premium entertainment system? Or maybe a sustainable design with improved environmental performance? Prepare a list of all the features you're not willing to scrimp on and stick to it. This way, you won't be persuaded into buying a car with add-ons that you won't end up using.

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