Be careful where you park your car when fireworks are going off

You could save a lot of money
by Jason Tulio | Jan 9, 2019
PHOTO: Patrick Nijhuis/Freeimages

Whether it’s New Year, Chinese New Year, or any other festive occasion, we Filipinos enjoy a good fireworks show. But we should all know to be careful when one is taking place—we’ve all seen those horror stories of people ending up in the emergency room because of fireworks going off the wrong way. And let’s not forget the fact that the loud explosions can upset our pets.

But fireworks can wreak havoc on your car as well. Reader Ves Mind recently shared with us his horror story from the past holiday season. Though his car was parked inside his property, it still wasn’t spared from debris from the nearby explosions. The resulting damage ended up costing him quite a bit. Have a read below:

Hi, Top Gear, just wanna share this. Some fireworks debris landed on my car roof during Christmas midnight celebration. This is not dirt on the picture, but permanent burn marks on the car. The car was parked inside our lot, beside the house. The estimated damage is P29,000. Better to have cars under shade, roof, or covered during New Year to avoid this damage. Thank you.

So, be careful where you park your car, guys, especially when you know that fireworks are bound to go off in your vicinity. Stay safe.

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PHOTO: Patrick Nijhuis/Freeimages
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