#FirstCarGoals: What makes the new Toyota Wigo a great starter car?

The well-loved entry-level hatchback made its debut earlier this month
Jun 24, 2020
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Earlier this month, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) unveiled the latest edition of its well-loved entry-level hatchback, the Wigo. It looks virtually the same at first glance, but a closer look will indicate that it’s had its share of design tweaks inside and out. If you want to know our first impression of the vehicle, click here.

That said, the 2020 Wigo comes highly recommended for customers who are in the market for a starter car, and for a good reason: It meets all the requirements a first-time buyer might look for in a car. Let us count the ways:

It's packed with advanced features despite its starter car price.
The 2020 Toyota Wigo E MT variant has a starting price of P568,000—one of the friendliest prices you will find for a new starter car. You can also opt for higher variants like the Wigo G MT (P623,000) and Wigo G AT (P658,000), both of which offer a touchscreen infotainment system, a digital A/C panel, push-start ignition, and keyless entry. The Wigo TRD S grade (P700,000) even has a digital video recorder, voice command, and an Android Auto- and Apple Carplay-compatible infotainment setup.

It’s a breeze to drive, maneuver, and park.
As a hatchback, the Wigo’s small dimensions make it easy to drive in traffic and other tight situations. All grades feature a back sonar, an anti-lock brake system, and SRS airbags, while the TRD S and G grades also come with power side mirrors that retract and a back camera—all of which will make maneuvering, backing, and parking more convenient. As a beginner driver with little to no experience, this will go a long way.

It’s made for everyday use.
Any car guy will tell you that Toyota vehicles have a reputation for being durable and reliable. The new Wigo is no exception—it comes with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine capable of 65hp at 6,000rpm and 89Nm of torque at 4,400rpm. If you need a car that can take you places on a daily basis without having to worry about fuel efficiency and engine performance, you’re already looking at it.

It’s a sight for sore eyes.
Not that the previous Wigo models weren’t good-looking to begin with, but the new edition looks much sportier and more aggressive. All grades come with a new front bumper, redesigned rear combination lamps, a new meter gauge design, and a new instrument and panel cluster design. But it doesn't stop there—the G grade now has machine cut alloy wheels, while the TRD S has the same feature plus a front spoiler, a side skirt, a two-tone rear spoiler, a rear skirt, and TRD S badge and decals. As far as starter cars go, you can’t do much better.

The new Toyota Wigo will be available at Toyota dealerships starting this month. To know more about it, visit www.toyota.com.ph and follow Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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