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Watch the Fabulous Hudson Hornet in its element in ‘Forza Horizon 4’

PHOTO: Xpertgamingtech on YouTube

We’ve seen a dozen interesting cars being driven on Forza Horizon 4—some official ones like the Top Gear Track-tor, and others unofficial mods like Paul Walker’s Toyota Supra. This latest one we’ve come across, though, is easily one of our favorites.

To quote an RV from Disney-Pixar’s Cars: “Look man, it’s the Hudson Hornet.” Yes, kids, this is the Doc Hudson from that popular 2006 film. Way to reminisce some good childhood memories, huh?

Of course, Doc Hudson himself was based on the real-life Hornet—the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, rather—that racked up race wins in the 1950s. It was made available in Forza Horizon 4 some time back, and in this clip, we see the famed all-stock racecar in its element courtesy of YouTuber Xpergamingtech.

Here, you’ll see the mean retro machine ripping through uncemented country roads like only a video-game version of the Hudson Hornet can. Heck, you’ll even get to see the legendary racecar jump off a cliff. Of course, the video also shows us how you can actually “turn right to go left.”

Anyway, instead of spoiling the whole clip for you, you can just watch it below:

Doc Hudson as Seen in Forza Horizon 4

Got any more vids like this you’d want us to see? Drop them in the comments section, why don’t you.

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PHOTO: Xpertgamingtech on YouTube
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