What do you do when a driver points a gun at your head?

A life-and-death situation
by Jason Tulio | Jul 11, 2017

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We've all heard about (and probably experienced) the many, many horrible drivers that operate taxis, ride-sharing cars, PUVs, and so on in the Philippines. A few clicks around Facebook will reveal many viral horror stories about these a******s. Sometimes, it's something as small as a bad sense of direction or questionable personal hygiene. Other times though, the negatives can be a lot more serious. 

In the final part of our video series on self-defense, we learn how to deal with a very scary situation: When a driver points a gun straight at your head. It's unfortunate, but this does happen out there, and it never hurts to be prepared.

Remember, prevention and avoidance are the best forms of self preservation. Our Krav Maga experts recommend that the safest spot to sit when riding as a passenger is directly behind the driver. That way, he has a much more difficult time pointing a weapon at you. But if you sense something amiss about your ride, then do your best to not get into a bad situation with a weapon in the first place. Stay safe out there.

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