This guy's relationship with his Ford Rangers might be our favorite car story ever

"Driving it was a dream come true."
Apr 13, 2019
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Ever since Henry Ford rolled out the Model T back in 1908—making it possible for the majority to own an automobile—man has always had a special relationship with his car. This special bond was only made stronger when the Model T Runabout, considered the first-ever pickup truck in history, was released in 1925. Since then, the Ford Motor Company has built its reputation making some of the most iconic and reliable pickup trucks in history—a tradition that continues today with the Ford Ranger series.

The Ford Ranger went through many changes over the years. Its first model was originally based on the Mazda B series, while the newer generations were developed by Ford Australia. As it evolved through the years, it has become a much stronger and safer machine, earning a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating and getting a Duratorq TDCi engine option. In its 19 years in the country, the Ford Ranger is easily one of the most recognizable and beloved pickup models on the road, with a solid and loyal fan base that loves everything about it.

As the 2018 Ford Ranger Club Batangas President, Henry Gunday is not just a Ford Ranger owner, but a true aficionado. An entrepreneur who regularly commutes to various locations, Henry chose the Ranger because of its versatility, comfort, and power. He currently drives a 2019 2.0 Wildtrak 4x2 A/T and has just recently (and painfully) let go of his 2014 2.2 XLT A/T Aurora Blue pickup. His trucks have become an integral part of his livelihood, allowing him to deliver vehicle oil and lubricants to his customers all over the metro and nearby provinces.

Henry went through several cars, AUVs, and SUVs in the past before finding his true love. “It's every man's dream to have a truck. When I saw it in a commercial one time, I fell in love and told myself that I need to have a Ranger,” he recalls. “Driving my first Ford Ranger was a dream come true. No words can express my feelings, to be honest.”

Driving a beast like the Ford Ranger almost requires you to take it on an adventure. Although perfectly suited as a city car, it's during out-of-town trips where you can really see the Ranger in its element. According to Henry, every trip with his Ford Ranger is one for the books. “One of the most memorable was when I first drove it to Baguio and went through hours of traffic along the way. It took us nine hours to get to our destination, but it felt much shorter in the Ranger. Going through the steep, winding roads wasn't a problem and it really felt like the truck could’ve handled much more,” he says proudly.

Taking his Ranger uphill and off-road is one of Henry’s favorite things to do with his Ranger Club. “We love taking our rigs to challenging places where there are rough roads, hills, and river crossings,” he shares. “The farthest I’ve driven my Ranger was probably to Albay in the Bicol region.”

There are certainly a lot of things to admire about the Ford Ranger. Henry, in particular, is a big fan of its unique and intimidating aesthetic. He also raves about its technical aspects, making it a dream to drive. “I like the performance of my Ranger; it's very smooth to drive, and its electric power steering is easy to handle. It's also very fuel efficient,” he observes. Compared to the 2014 version, his Ranger's current suspension can be described in one word: "Malambot."

At the end of the day, however, it’s how it makes him feel that Henry loves the most. “It's a stress reliever; just staring at it eliminates all the negative vibes in me,” he muses. "If given the chance to design a Ranger, I wouldn't change much. From being a highway terrain truck, I would upgrade it to mud terrain. Other guys like to turn their Rangers into a monster truck, but I care more about the performance than the looks."

People like Henry are a unique breed. Individuals who are born ready and demand a lot more from their rides than simply going from point A to B. They are seekers of the next great adventure that can only be found on the open road. Their Ford Rangers are not mere machines, but a partner that opens new worlds and discovers new landscapes. Are you one of them? What’s your Ford Ranger story?

If you have your own Ford Ranger story to share, you can do so by posting your photo with your Ranger—accompanied by a short caption that describes what you love about your pickup truck—using the hashtag #MyFordRanger. 

Experience the Ford Ranger today. Visit the Ford Ranger page for more information.

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