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Guy leaves his car with the parking brake off, uses his bare hands to stop it from rolling

Thanks to either adrenaline or sheer strength
PHOTO: ViralHog on YouTube

Have you ever forgotten to engage your car’s parking brake before you exited the vehicle? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Some are lucky enough to get off scot-free from such situations. Others, not so much. But for this guy here, well, it’s a combination of both. Check out the video below first before we move on:

“Thought I put the handbrake on—didn’t. The car started rolling, but I caught it,” the video description reads. It’s not as simple as it sounds. We don’t know if it’s just the adrenaline kicking in, or this guy’s just a solid gym buff.

The rolling car was mere meters away from hitting the other parked cars in the area. If it hadn’t been for the guy’s quick reflexes—and near-superhuman strength—we can’t imagine how much damage would’ve been incurred.

Now, we can’t exactly confirm whether this was true or not. We do have our doubts, especially since the car in discussion had its taillights on when it supposedly started moving on its own. In any case, the clip’s still worth a watch.

Got any more parking fails (or in this case, wonders) you’d like to share? Drop them in the comments.

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PHOTO: ViralHog on YouTube
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