Here's a guide to major motoring events this May

Mark your calendars and drive off to catch the hottest motoring events this month
May 5, 2017
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It’s the merry month of May and summer is in full effect! The summer months in the Philippines are not just a time for sun, sea, and sand but for other outdoor activities as well—especially for those who are deep into the Pinoy motoring lifestlye. We Filipinos love our cars and we see them not as just modes of transportation, but a way to express ourselves and our individuality. So it’s fitting that there are several events happening this month but that are really worth your time.

May 6
Subic Bay Auto Show, Harbor Point Mall
Local car culture has grown exponentially in the last few years. There are literally hundreds of car clubs around the country, spreading camraderie and the love for cars. It’s no surprise that the annual Subic Bay Auto Show is a staple summer tour attraction to see when inside the SBMA. The 8th edition of the show expects a few thousand attendees and participants from all over Northern Luzon to converge at Harbor Point Mall.

May 6
Beast of the East, SM City East Ortigas
VIP Productions, an award-winning car show organizer, has been tasked to find the “Beast of the East," referring to motorists living in the eastern part of Metro Manila. A one-day motoring spectacle on May 6 at the SM City East Ortigas, it will showcase the best customized vehicles from folks living in the area.

May 19
“Hot Summer Nights” Motoring Music Festival, Metrowalk, Pasig City
For those who are into cars and are also passionate about music, the 10th iteration of “Hot Summer Nights” has morphed into the Motoring Music Festival, an event that will feature a car show, off-road show, and concert fest all rolled into one. Expect Metrowalk in Pasig City to be packed with beautiful cars, great people, and good music.

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