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Alyzza Agustin calling card scandal

The Philippine National Police can't seem to catch a break these days. Just as PNP chief Alan Purisima was being grilled in the Senate about his personal wealth, another high-ranking police officer was dragged into a PR nightmare when a sexy model posted his calling card on Facebook as a way of thanking him after she had supposedly gotten out of a traffic-violation ticket through the use of said calling card.

FHM Philippines model (and one-time Top Gear Philippines car-show model) Alyzza Agustin earlier this week found herself in motoring trouble when she got flagged down by a traffic officer for violating the number-coding scheme. Good thing (for her) she had the signed calling card of PNP director for plans Alexander Ignacio, which she showed the traffic officer to wiggle her way out of the impending ticket.

The screenshot immediately went viral when we posted it. Ignacio was out of the country at the time, but was able to send a denial to the media. Agustin likewise claimed she didn't really know Ignacio personally in a public apology she briefly posted on her Facebook page.

Our off-road editor Robby Consunji--Ignacio's schoolmate back in the day--has now sent us the latter's official statement on the issue. Consunji also says that Ignacio declined our request for an interview.

We believe this statement has already been reported by various newspapers the past few days, but Ignacio's camp is requesting that we publish it in full in the spirit of fairness. Below is the statement (in italics):

I would like to address the issue on social media regarding the use of my card for a traffic violation by a certain Alyzza Agustin. I am currently in Malaysia giving a presentation for the Philippine National Police for an Aseanapol conference and that is why I could not respond sooner.

First of all, I categorically DENY that I personally know Alyzza Agustin, who claimed that she used my business card to avoid getting a traffic citation. The card which she posted is not an official PNP business card representing my office, my rank, and my designation. I am a Chief Superintendent (1 star rank) and not a Director (2 stars).

She is not my Executive Assistant and there is no such position in my office.

I do give my business card to those who request it. But it goes with the implied condition that it will NOT be used to violate laws, to shorten prescribed procedures, and for illegal gain. I will not tolerate the use of my business card, the facilities of my office or the privileges of my rank for unlawful purposes. Thank you for your fair and accurate reporting of the facts and issues.


Well, what do you think?

Screenshot from Top Gear Philippines' Facebook page

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