How much does traffic really cost you?

It's scary doing the math.
Apr 25, 2016
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For most people, the cost of driving or commuting to work is a relatively fixed amount that can easily be accounted for. The cost of being stuck in traffic, on the other hand, is something else entirely. Rush hour traffic is a time-space vortex that sucks up anything even remotely near it, causing us to adjust our schedules, our work choices, and even our entire lives.

It also goes without saying that our wallets take a daily beating from being stuck in traffic. Here's how:

1. The breakfast club. If you're leaving home early to beat the traffic, you'll have little choice but to avail yourself of breakfast at the nearest 24-hour fast food drive-thru. That's an unhealthy bite that costs more than a home cooked meal you don't have time for. The calories will start piling on after this (how this can lead to some major financial hemorrhaging in the future is another story altogether).

2. Better late than never. If you're taking the bus because you missed the coding window, or if you're driving and you've run straight into rush-hour gridlock, you're going to be late. That's gonna result in a salary deduction for tardiness. And if that wasn't bad enough, this sort of thing goes into your permanent record. The loss is definitely more than just monetary. What a hassle.

3. The gas chamber. While most cars can get 10km/L in free-flowing traffic, expect them to do half that on rush-hour EDSA. Even without doing any math, that means you lose money on fuel just driving to and from work.

4. Wear and tear. Car parts wear out on a daily basis, this is normal. But the sheer torture of EDSA traffic can hasten this process. At least you'll be encouraged to be more vigilant about car maintenance because of this. That's a bit of silver lining, at least. Silver is expensive, though.

5. The Uber-taxi premium. Don't want to put up with the pain of driving? Sitting in a bus or standing in line for the MRT for two hours not appealing, either? That leaves you with either taking a taxi or Uber-ing it. During rush hour, it's not unheard of for taxi drivers to demand a contract rate instead of using the meter, while Uber surge pricing can multiply your cost by two to three times during rush hour, and up to five times in Carmageddon-level traffic.

6. The second dinner. Get stuck in traffic long enough and you're sure to go hungry. You probably already had a bite but in rush hour traffic, you're sure to burn through that grub. Not only are you gonna shell out for a meal (chances are it's not exactly healthy, either) but you pack on extra calories that you could've easily avoided.

7. The price of a good night's sleep. Spending idle time stuck in traffic will keep you out of bed and away from proper rest for longer, which can lead to serious health issues (hello, hospital bills!). Sleep deprivation also affects work performance, so you stand to lose something in your professional life, too. And as for how traffic influences your quality of life? Think about this: time missed in pursuing leisure activities and time not spent with the family are priceless moments you don't want to lose.

Add the above to the standard cost of commuting, and you'll burn through most of your salary just shuttling back and forth to work. And let's not forget to mention the unbelievable levels of stress you have to deal with behind the wheel. So why not put that money into an investment that not only saves you the hassle of commuting, but also puts you right in the thick of Makati, close to all the life experiences you're missing out on, spending two to four hours per day commuting?

With Megaworld's San Antonio Residence, located right in the heart of Makati at Gil Puyat Avenue, near Ayala Avenue, not only are you closer to everything; you have fitness, swimming, and kid-friendly facilities for all your personal and family needs. And perhaps, finally, you can get that good night's sleep, as well.

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