How ready am I to actually own a car?

Are you ready to take the plunge?
Sep 9, 2016
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"How ready am I to actually owning a car?"

This is the question you ask yourself as you leaf through our Buyers' Guide (or clicking through it online). Are you ready to take the plunge? If you can identify with the following statements, chances are good that you're well on your way.

"I really need a car."
"Not just to go to the mall, but my work hours and trips mean that I need to be mobile, flexible, and ready at a moment's notice to meet my boss or clients on the other side of the city, or even beyond."

"I have a stable job and sufficient income."
"I don't just have a good paying job. I have one which I see myself sticking with for the next several years, with many opportunities for advancement. I might eventually get a better offer elsewhere, or apply for a better one, but I am sure I'll be steadily employed for the forseeable future."

"I am goal-oriented."
"When I set my mind on something, I see it through to the very end. I don't make big decisions like this on a whim, and I won't flake out after a year and give up on the car because I didn't plan this purchase through."

"I have a financial plan."
"That includes a financial portfolio, regular savings deposits, an emergency fund and a strict monthly spending limit., I've calculated my car payments and gasoline expenses, and they fit the plan, no problem."

"I know how to take care of my toys, erm, things."
"I know that cars need tender loving care, and I'm ready to step up to the plate. I know how to wash and wax and I'll rotate my tires religiously. I'm also mature enough to know that “Fast and Furious” is a silly movie, whereas driving in public is a serious responsibility."

"I've set personal milestones for myself."
"I've done my research and I know which car will give me the most value for my money and the least headaches. I'm planning to keep this thing through my courtship, wedding and everything thereafter. Eventually, I may replace it if my family outgrows it or if I can afford something better, but I aim to get my money's worth before I do."

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