If you’re planning to buy an SUV, look for these features

SUVs are not cheap, so choose wisely
Oct 10, 2017
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Worsening traffic conditions, potholed roads, and frequent flooding are making it difficult for people to drive around the city. It’s for the same reasons that more buyers are looking for high-riding, fuel-efficient, and off-road-capable vehicles. It’s no wonder that PPVs—or pickup-platform vehicles—are such a huge hit nowadays.

With so many offerings on the market today, choosing the best for you can be a difficult task. So what should you be looking for when shopping for a midsize pickup-based SUV?


An SUV shouldn’t just be all looks. It has to have enough ground clearance to deal with huge humps, suspension-breaking potholes, and flash floods. Given how punishing our road conditions are, you need a vehicle that can handle the needs of your daily drive.

Fuel-efficiency and dependability

Especially during the rush hour, stop-and-go traffic can really take its toll on your engine and its fuel consumption. That’s why you need to choose a vehicle that has a powerful yet fuel-efficient engine—one that can withstand extreme heat and stress, and provide you with worry-free driving enjoyment in the long run.


If you live in Metro Manila, you know that what’s usually a 15-minute drive can easily turn into an hour or two of stewing in gridlock. Anything that can help make the daily commute bearable is much appreciated. A well-tuned suspension will keep you and your passengers comfortable during the trip, while a good multimedia system offers some much-needed reprieve and entertainment as you burn away hours in standstill traffic.


Your SUV of choice should also pack useful features that can come in handy in any given situation. A good powertrain will deliver efficiency and performance whether in stop-and-go traffic or at a relaxed cruise. An effective all-wheel drivetrain will let you tackle difficult terrain should you choose to take on challenging trails, without drastic fuel-consumption penalties in city driving. State-of-the-art driving, entertainment, and safety technologies will ensure a great driving experience, no matter the conditions.

If you are looking for a good midsize SUV, you may want to consider the new Isuzu MU-X. Choose between the 2.5- or the 3.0-liter depending on your needs; powered by either motor, this is still one of the thriftiest midsize SUVs on the local market. Further making your daily commute more comfortable and enjoyable are smart features like the five-link rear suspension with coil springs, the generous rear legroom, the automatic climate-control system, and the 8in audio/video entertainment system.

On your weekend drives to the countryside, the MU-X’s 4WD Terrain Command Select Dial, five-speed automatic transmission, and Hill Start Assist ensure that you have enough power and grip to tackle the trickiest trails. Plus, the beautifully designed instrumentation and a useful multi-information display help you stay on top of your vehicle’s condition.

To know more about the Isuzu MU-X, visit Isuzu Philippines’ website and Facebook page, or drop by one of Isuzu's many dealerships across the country.

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