This record-setting 12-year-old and his dad are our #goals this Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
by Drei Laurel | Jun 16, 2017

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Iñigo Anton isn't your average Filipino 12-year-old. While most kids his age might be preoccupied tinkering with fidget spinners, making memes, or whatever else the youth are into these days, Iñigo's busy making history--breaking records behind the wheel, to be exact.

At just 12, he's already set a new lap record at Circuit Hill in Tarlac. "I want to become a Formula One driver, but I know the realities of becoming one, including the expenses," Iñigo tells us in an exclusive interview. "So I just hope for the best in the future. And I will be happy with what I have."

He's as humble as he is skilled on the track, and he has his father--race car driver Carlos Anton--to thank for both qualities.

"When he would sit on my lap every time we'd come home, he would drive," Carlos shares. "He would take the steering wheel. He could feel the difference between a quick-steer car and a normal car. So I felt something was different for a four-year-old at that time. I felt maybe he really does have the feel."

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Just as important as practice and experience is having a mentor showing you the ropes every step of the way. None of us need to look further than our dads--just something to keep in mind this Father's Day. Watch the short video above to see Iñigo's entire record-breaking run.

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