Is it time for our transportation system to go full electric? One company is paving the way for it

Numerous EV projects are taking place as we speak
Mar 21, 2019
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While personal ownership of electric vehicles is still low at this point, it’s becoming apparent that the number of public utility EVs plying the roads every day is growing.

“Charge” this to many moving parts that aim to bring them into our daily lives, mainly: the incentives to encourage local manufacturing or importation of the EVs and the ongoing construction of charging stations and after sales service for these vehicles.

In fact, MERALCO—through its Power Ideas program—is driving for the implementation of EV solutions in school campuses, government agencies, and for public transport. Here are some of them:

Ateneo goes for bluer skies
With an eye on lessening traffic congestion within the campus, Ateneo de Manila University partnered with Meralco for an EV shuttle program launched in 2014. New shuttles replaced the previous rented models to go along with a new on-campus charging station to ensure continuous operation. A battery swap facility was also added and could swap out any of the four shuttle’s battery packs in 10 minutes. Nowadays, the campus’ skies are much bluer. See more case studies here.

La Salle continues to go green
“When the campus began to grow, we needed to do more specific planning,” Br. Raymundo B. Suplido, DLSU Laguna president, points out. “MERALCO was already studying our power needs, so we approached them (on the EVs).”

Photo by Meralco Powerclub.

Besides environmental benefits, school officials noted savings of 18% from its operational budget (“It was a good financial advantage to us.”). He also mentioned the intangible benefit of their EV switch: “Those who started using the e-jeep became more conscious about the environment.”

Mitsubishi walks the talk with less carbon footprint
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation graciously handed over a small fleet of their EVs to the DENR as part of its advocacy to push for EV ecosystems in the Philippines. MERALCO worked with Mitsubishi to pilot an EV ecosystem in the DENR offices in Cebu and Davao and the DTI office in Makati.

Photo by Meralco Powerclub.

The company was commissioned to construct the EV charging stations, which are equipped with CHAdeMO quick charging technology. Fact: The name was based on the expression “O cha demo ikagadesuka,” which means “How about a cup of tea?”—roughly the amount of time it takes to charge the EVs.

The Net Group takes a big bold step to sustainability
You may have heard of MERALCO’s charging station at its head office, but did you know that the company also helped develop two of the first EV charging stations in Bonifacio Global City? The Net Group believes in responsible development, which is why it partnered with MERALCO to create an ecosystem that will influence adoption of electric vehicles.

Raymond Rufino, The Net Group Co-President, adds: “We want to create and develop in a sustainable and responsible way. It is our responsibility to create buildings where people can come and enjoy the facilities, and be able to be more productive and healthier.”

“We [initially] thought of doing it on our own, but we realized that this was not easy to do. MERALCO has the experience, the expertise, and the capability to design and implement these kinds of facilities in our buildings.”

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