It’s time to quit these 'pwede na 'yan' car care habits

Because you shouldn’t settle when it comes to car care and safety
Mar 20, 2017
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Pinoys are notorious for always taking shortcuts when it comes to car care. Some might say that it's because there's always a cheaper way to do things and that for every auto ailment, there's always a handy "remedyo." But take the word at face value: "remedyo" means "remedy," which suggests that your car needs to be healed. You should never get to the point where your car needs to be cured, it should be kept healthy at all times. Start by getting rid of these "pwede na 'yan" car care habits. 

Skipping car washes during rainy season
Just because your car is constantly wet doesn't mean that it's getting washed. Grime, oil, and dirt can stain your paint job even when the car is wet. So don't forego car washes during the rainy season. You'll thank yourself when you see your vibrant paint job when the sun is out. 

Doing a one-time, big-time application of glass cleaner
That specially formulated solution lets the water flow down easily, but it isn't going to last on your glass forever. Regular applications will keep your glass looking clear for longer. And while you're at it, check your wipers. Even if they aren't brittle, you should consider changing them so your windshield doesn't have any risk of getting scratched. 

Running brake pads down 
One might think that running brake pads down until they are "sagad" is a cost-effective practice, but that isn't the case. Thin brake pads create more heat, which can damage your rotors, calipers, and other more expensive components. Don't wait for brake pads to be paper thin before changing them. 

Relying solely on maintenance compounds for your interior
Sure, these things help protect your dash and other internals from overdrying and strong UV rays. But don't think that a single application is all you need. You need to touch this up regularly. And not only that, you should actually clean your dash and interior bits. There's nothing worse than putting on a compound on a dirty dash. 

Settling for cheap tires
You should never cheap out on your car parts, but tires are pretty non-negotiable. Think about it this way: you don't want to "save money" on a cheap set and then have to deal with the sketchiness (i.e. no traction, slippery, easily worn out, etc.). Instead, go for a quality tire that not only doesn't wear down like a pencil eraser, but keeps you safely planted on the ground.

For a great value-for-money tire, check out the Bridgestone's Ecopia line. Made from a cutting-edge compound, these tires also feature reduced rolling resistance which minimizes friction and energy loss, resulting in better fuel mileage. All this, and you still get a great tire that performs well in wet and sudden-braking conditions. 

Remember, "pwede na 'yan" is a cop-out—it's basically saying that you don't really care about your car, maintaining it, and driving safely. But you really do, right? So give up "pwede na 'yan." Check out this handy infographic, you responsible car lover.

For more information about Bridgestone, click here

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