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Ja Morant can stand on his Rolls-Royce Dawn all he wants, we guess...

But why, though?
PHOTO: Ja Morant

What a car owner does with his ride, unless he’s endangering other motorists, is solely his business.

If you want to slap on a corny decal or sticker for everyone to see? Go ahead. Install an ill-fitting piece of bodykit? By all means. You know what? You do you and install that ridiculously oversized wing, and throw in a few more irrelevant aero bits while you’re at it, too. Your car, your money, your taste, your rules.

That said, your fellow car lovers are entitled to their opinions, too. This is why we have no issue saying it’s painful watching Memphis Grizzlies star and NBA playoffs darling Ja Morant stand on his Rolls-Royce Dawn (which costs over $350,000 or P18 million a pop, by the way). Look:

Ja Morant and his Rolls-Royce Dawn

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This isn’t the first time one of Ja’s rides has had to bear the weight of an NBA-sized point guard, either. A few years ago, he stood on the hood of his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as well. Yikes.

Look, Ja, we love your game, and you’re arguably the most entertaining guard in the league right now—but we can hear the sound of that hood crumpling in our imagination.

Again, no hating here. They’re his cars, and he spent good hard-earned NBA dollars on them. He can jump up and down on the roof if he wants. But yeah, it’s gut-wrenching thinking about what his cars here are going through.

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PHOTO: Ja Morant
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