Pursuing a girl whose car blows smoke in your face is a bad idea

You deserve better, dude
by Jason Tulio | Feb 10, 2017

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By now, you've probably seen the new Jollibee commercials that have gone viral on social media. If not, you can watch the more controversial one in the link above.

The ad tells the story of a guy and a girl who meet at, where else, Jollibee. It starts at what you assume is their wedding day, with the guy recalling all the good times they've shared over the years. As the girl approaches the altar, the guy's eyes well up and they exchange a glance before she continues walking. It turns out that her groom is another man. Undaunted, the guy smiles and says "I'll always be your best friend." Shocking twist, right? Well, not really, and there's one giveaway.

There's one scene in this hugot-filled narrative that's relevant to us: The girl's car breaks down (outside of Jollibee, of course) and the guy comes to her rescue and pushes it back to life. As he does this, two things happen. First, the car belches a horrid cloud of smoke right in his face. Second, the girl looks in her rear-view mirror, smiles, and drives away when he's done. Car guys will know exactly what's wrong with this picture.

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Her car breaking down and puffing out big black clouds is an indication that she doesn't look after it properly. Regardless if you're a car lover or not, how you treat your vehicle is a reflection of who you are as a person. If it's messy, then chances are that person's house or office desk is a mess too. If the car is in poor condition, that could mean that the owner doesn't look after other things that well either—like say, her relationships or her partner. 

As for just driving away with a smile, that goes beyond being a responsible car owner. A short pause to say "thank you," which she remembered to do on her damn wedding day, would've been polite. Even if you've already friend-zoned the guy, he still worked up a sweat pushing your poorly-maintained car. Not cool, girl. 

Car guys hopefully would've seen the twist of this story coming a mile away. If a girl's car is leaving you in a big cloud of smoke, it's time for you to move on. You deserve better, bro.

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PS We still love Chickenjoy, even if sometimes branches forget some items in our order when we drive-thru.

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