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Ken Block conquers Tianmen Mountain with his Hoonitruck in ‘Climbkhana Two’

PHOTO: Hoonigan on YouTube

A man has driven up a really long, high and winding road in China using a pickup truck. Ordinarily, this is an experience already laced with danger and jeopardy.

This is no ordinary. Replace all the component parts of that first sentence with ‘Ken Block,’ ‘Tianmen Mountain Road,’ and ‘modified 900hp Ford F-150 Hoonitruck,’ add in lots of ‘sideways,’ and you’re staring down the thick end of “Oh damn, what was he thinking?”

He’s back. Ken Block has returned to keep the world’s tire makers in good financial health—and automotive enthusiasts on the brink of a stroke—with his latest video, dubbed Climbkhana Two (in the first Climbkhana, he casually drifted up Pikes Peak).

In the video above, he deems it prudent to slide his way through 99 treacherous bends up ‘Heaven’s Gate,’ using his modified 1977 Ford F-150 we first saw in Gymkhana Ten. It uses a V6 EcoBoost engine lifted straight out of Ford Racing’s GT Le Mans program, producing 900hp+ and 951Nm of torque. Believe us, he uses every last ounce.

It’s four-wheel-drive, too, handled via a Sadev six-speeder and...oh, what the heck, you don’t care about the specs, you just wanna watch Block go nuts in China.

No doubt Climbkhana Three will see Ken Block drift around the rings of Saturn in a restomodded Model T. Maybe.

NOTE: This article first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: Hoonigan on YouTube
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