Best of YouTube: Proof that Ken Block can (and will) drift anything

What will he drift next?
by Drei Laurel | Jun 1, 2020
PHOTO: Ken Block

Ken Block drifts a Ford F-450

In case you missed it, Ken Block will not be behind the wheel in the next Gymkhana outing. Block’s friend and rival, Travis Pastrana, will be taking the taking the reins and will be shredding tires in a Subaru instead of a Ford. No problem on Block’s side, though, as it’s clear he can find plenty of ways to keep busy. Take the video above for example.

A night at the museum

Now this is one museum we wouldn’t mind being stuck in overnight any day of the week. Scotto from Hoonigan gets the ultimate Petersen Automotive Museum tour, alone, at night. This is part one of a massive 69-episode series—perfect for passing the time at home.

Car guys with kids can’t have nice things

“His Triumph, it was red, it was gorgeous. To this day I don’t understand why, but I got a big can of white latex house paint and just started lathering up the whole side. I got to the middle of the passenger door, painting that car white, and my Mom came out and screamed ‘Mitchell what are you doing?’ I said I’m painting Dad’s car white.”

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Think twice, guys. Think twice.

10 Failed car inventions

It’s not just cars that are awesome, the ideas behind them and the innovations that allow them to evolve with every passing generation are worth admiring, too. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some ideas can be hit or miss, and above are 10 examples of the latter.

Fast & Furious: Crossroads

Chasing a giant speeding hovercraft by a river and roof-mounted rocket launchers. Question: Why doesn’t the hovercraft just steer into the water to get away? Glad to see the absurdity of the film franchise translates exceptionally into the realm of video games.

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PHOTO: Ken Block
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