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Are you a Knight Rider fan? Check out this real-life KITT

It lives here in the Philippines

Do you remember Knight Rider from the '80s? The popular TV show starred two of the decade's biggest icons: David Hasselhoff with his wavy locks, and KITT, a converted Pontiac Trans Am that The Hoff used for his high-tech crime-fighting adventures. The car boasted many cool features and even talked throughout each episode. Even today, it remains one of television's most memorable automobiles. 

Mike Barrion was one of those people who enjoyed the show, and KITT captured his teenage gearhead imagination. At the time, all he could afford was a notebook and a few stickers. As an adult, his love for the car was rekindled, at first through RCs and die-cast models. Eventually, the idea of actually building his own KITT replica car entered his mind. After a lot of work and enduring hell from his wife, Mike made his teenage imagination become a reality. Yup, he actually completed his project car. 

To see the KITT that roams our streets, click play on the video above.

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