Watch: These lady riders test their skills on Ducati motorcycles

Speed has no gender
by Drei Laurel | Nov 29, 2016

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Women are more than capable of handling motorcycles and scooters. Frankly, you see lady riders just about everywhere these days--when it comes to getting around on two wheels, gender isn't usually an issue anymore.

Big bikes, though? They're a slightly different story. These two-wheelers are much heavier and in many cases more physically demanding to handle. Still, a little extra effort never let anyone with a passion for riding stop them. Case in point: the women of the Ducati Riding Experience.

Female riders from all walks of life spent a day trying out Ducati big bikes, maneuvering them through different sets of obstacles and slaloms. As Christine Tiu Garcia--one of the event's participants--puts it: "I just realized that life is short. So just go for it." Truer words have never been said, Christine.

If you're a lady rider looking to try your hand at big bikes, or know anyone who might want to, keep your ears open for the next Ducati Riding Experience. Watch the video above to know what's in store.

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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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