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Did Lamborghini just build a life-size remote-controlled Huracan for Christmas?

Check out the Italian carmaker’s new short film
PHOTO: Lamborghini

What’s the coolest Christmas gift you could think of for a young gearhead? Would a life-size remote-controlled Lamborghini Huracan do? We reckon it will, because that’s what childhood dreams are made of.

That’s exactly what Lamborghini showcased in its 2021 Christmas film. Here, we get to see a kid unbox what appears to be the remote control for the Lamborghini waiting just outside their house. Now, before you get too excited, it’s not exactly a real R/C car.

What Lamborghini wants us to focus on here is how “unexpected emotions are more than just a gift,” and the sheer ecstasy we see from the kid—even after finding out that the car is not remote-controlled—is proof of that. Can you blame him? A Lamborghini on Christmas day can have any kid smiling from ear to ear.

“It is a story about genuine bonds and the magic of surprises, featuring a family composed of a child and his parents, grandparents, and a very special uncle. A large country house, a majestic Christmas tree, and an atmosphere warmed by lights and decorations. A story with a surprising and totally unexpected ending, in true Lamborghini style,” Lamborghini’s press release reads. “An unforeseen message, a spontaneous gesture, an authentic demonstration of love. Because when you least expect it, everything doubles in value.”

You can watch the full clip below. 

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PHOTO: Lamborghini
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