The Lexus LC500 really is a baby LFA

At 1/4 the cost
by Dinzo Tabamo | Mar 3, 2018

In the same way that Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz use their F1 programs as test beds for their newest toys, Lexus has done the same with its LFA supercar. Production of the V10 coupe ended five years ago, but its technology and spirit are still trickling down to the Japanese carmaker's latest models. 

The best example is the beautiful LC grand tourer, only available in our market with a 5.0-liter V8 (LC500). Other markets get a V6 hybrid called an LC500h. 

But one drive in the LC500 will convince you that there is no other variant to consider. At low speeds the 470hp V8 just hums ominously. Putter around town and it's like any cosseting, luxurious and comfortable Lexus. But change the driving mode to the Sport settings and it leaps forward like a panther. Mash the throttle and the rear wheels will argue with the traction control whether to unleash all 549Nm of grunt or preserve the driver. Thankfully they meet somewhere in the middle. 

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The LC500 accelerates with velocity almost unbecoming of its refined badge. Or maybe we're really not used to Lexus models behaving like Nissan GT-Rs. And while the LC500 doesn't have the brute strength and performance of Nissan's super coupe, the former certainly trumps the latter in terms of elegance. 

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It's hard to state how gorgeous the LC is. We had it for about a week, and every morning before and after we drive it we just stare at its curves and sinuous shape. It's like sculpture sitting in your garage. 

For a longer look at arguably the sexiest Lexus ever, check out our video above. 

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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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