How much do driver’s license applications and renewals cost?

Here are all the fees and charges including other related costs
by Leandre Grecia | Feb 28, 2022
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We regularly receive a lot of questions about applying for or renewing driver’s licenses. One of the most common points of inquiry that we encounter? Costs.

Today, we’re going to list down the fees and other charges that new applicants or existing license holders must pay to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for a driver’s license. All the details used here are from official LTO records through the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal.

For the purposes of this article, we’ve only covered all the costs listed in the LTMS portal. These are the fees that reflect in the LTO’s official receipts provided to all applicants at the end of every transaction. Other expenses such as those relating to medical certificates are not discussed here.

We’ve also added the costs for student-driver applicants who wish to secure or renew their student permits. Check them all out below.


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Driver’s license application costs

These apply to all individuals who wish to acquire a driver’s license for the first time. Applicants must also have valid student permits for this.

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  • Application fee – P100
  • License fee (professional and non-professional licenses) – P585


Driver’s license renewal costs                        

  • Application fee – P100
  • Renewal fee (professional and non-professional licenses) – P585*
  • Late-renewal penalties, if applicable:
    • One day to one year – P75
    • One year and one day to two years – P150
    • More than two years – P225

TOTAL: P685 (without penalties)
*This will be the only amount charged to overseas Filipino workers for license renewal

Student driver’s permit application costs

  • Application fee – P100
  • Permit fee – P150


Student driver’s permit renewal costs

  • Application fee – P100
  • Renewal fee – P150 
  • Plus late-renewal penalties, if applicable:
    • One day to one year – P50
    • One year and one day to two years – P100
    • More than two years – P150

TOTAL: P250 (without penalties)

Duplicate license costs

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  • Replacement fee – P225
  • Certification fee – P100
  • Clearance fee – P30
  • Duplicate fee – P50


These costs apply to both professional and non-professional driver’s licenses. Student drivers need only settle the certification and duplicate fees (P150 total) if they wish to acquire a duplicate copy of their student permits from the LTO.


Other related fees

Here are the other fees that you may encounter when transacting with the LTO.

  • Change classification – P100
    • Changing from professional to non-professional (and vice versa) costs the same. A replacement fee of P225 will be charged for valid licenses, while the P585 renewal fee shall apply for expired licenses. For the latter, the same late-renewal penalties for driver’s licenses as mentioned above will also apply.
  • Additional restriction code (RC) – P100 per RC
  • Revision of records – P100
    • This will be charged to applicants whenever a piece of information—such as address or last name—indicated in one’s license is changed.
  • Conversion fee (for foreign licenses) – P100

Do you have any other questions relating to driver’s license applications or renewal? The comments section is open.

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