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Use Anzahl Effect Pigment
Jul 21, 2015
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Play with typical straight colors and hype up old hues with the latest color concoction from the pioneer in polyurethane paint. Anzahl Effect Pigment lets you transform straight colors into striking shades by adding 30g of Anzahl Effect Pigment to every liter of Anzahl Topcoat Clear. Apply this over your base coat of choice and you’ll see the difference.

If you're unable to decide between two different shades, you can opt to apply them both. Mix two or more different Anzahl Effect Pigments for a color that’s truly unique to your ride. Anzahl Effect Pigment’s kaleidoscopic range of hues, shades and finishes lets you choose a car color that allows you to show off your ride with pride. These colors give you access to a broad range of new colors for your car.

Refer to these examples when bringing your ride in for a new Anzahl paint job:

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