Check out beauty queen Michele Gumabao’s pimped-out Nissan Urvan

You guessed it—courtesy of Atoy Customs
by Leandre Grecia | Oct 1, 2019

Atoy Llave’s long list of celebrity clients just keeps growing, and one of the latest vehicles to get the Manila-proof treatment belongs to none other than beauty queen and volleyball star Michele Gumabao.

In typical Atoy Customs fashion, Gumabao’s Nissan Urvan was fitted with the whole kit and caboodle: Leather captain seats with footrests in the front row, a television, a full-sized sofabed, vinyl flooring, and overhead compartments. A compact foldable table and a number of outlets and charging ports can also be found around the cabin.

Of course, the beauty queen needs to keep her hair and make-up in tip-top shape all the time, so a vanity mirror with built-in lighting was installed right behind the driver’s seat. You can check out Gumabao’s vlog below for a full, in-depth tour of the van:

Gumabao recently celebrated her birthday, and the customized Urvan was a gift to herself. “I can do everything inside the car, so this is like another home away from home for me.” 

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You can see more photos of this latest Atoy Customs creation in the official Instagram post below. What vehicle would you want to see Atoy and his team take on next?

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PHOTO: Michelle Gumabao
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