10 Things hungry motorists hate dealing with at the drive-thru

Is the customer still king?
by Drei Laurel | Aug 7, 2018

Clogged roads and hungry motorists is about as toxic a combination as they come. A cranky driver who's at the edge of his or her patience? That's like a ticking time bomb counting down to go boom.

The only way to make matters worse? Lousy service at a drive-thru.  You've bothered to go out of your way for a snack on the way home, only to be met by an endless line of cars and drive-thru attendants who couldn't care less if your McNuggets come with barbecue sauce or not.

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A word of advice for any fast food establishments with a drive-thru window: Never, ever forget the sauce. It's a mortal sin. 

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Below are 10 drive-thru offenses no wary motorist wants to encounter at the window, from major mistakes to boo-boos that'll leave customers' scratching their heads. Have any more to add to this list?

1) When the drive-thru is just too damn tight

"What is this? A drive-thru for ants?" Seriously, who's the genius who designed this? It's bad enough that the ramp provides barely enough clearance down low for an average sedan, but there are more turns, angles and twists in here than an M. Night Shyamalan flick, too.

2) When you can't understand a thing the speaker is saying

It's difficult to place an order when every time you talk into the speaker you're met by either garbled sounds or an incomprehensible mumble.

3) When nothing on the menu is available

"Sorry, hindi po siya available," is fine once. Hell, it's forgivable for even the second order. But past that? The place might as well call it a day and close up shop.

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4) When there's inadequate weather protection

Not only does this make it difficult to hear through the speaker, it also means a soggy take-out bag and wet interior if the establishment's drive-thru window isn't properly covered.

There is little joy in these scrawny pieces.

5) When they give you the smallest parts

We've been stuck in gridlock traffic for nearly two hours. Is it too much to ask for a thigh or breast part? Technically, this only applies to fried chicken. But it's a major bummer when you don't get your fries' worth, too.

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6) When they mess up your order

We suggest always checking your drive-thru's contents before driving away from the window. That way, you can save yourself the hassle of having to drive back if the staff screws up your order. Again, the sauce is sacred.

7) When it takes forever for your order to come out

Five words no hungry motorist ever wants to hear: "Waiting bay na lang po." The worst part? When the staff actually forget that there's someone outside wasting gas waiting for that extra order of fries.

8) When the car in front is taking too long

Every time we encounter one of these motorists at the drive-thru, we ask ourself: "Buong barangay ba sakay nito?"

9) When the change falls as it is being handed to you

"Oops! A couple of P10 coins fell. Good thing I don't mind stepping out of my car and bending over to pick them up!" Said no one ever.

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10) When all your passengers give their order at the same time

Guys, please get your individual orders sorted out before you arrive at the window or speaker. Dealing with a chorus of separate orders is as much a headache for the driver as it is for whoever is manning the window.

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