Motorists share their childhood dream cars

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Jun 24, 2016
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What's your childhood dream car? Most people dream of one day owning the fanciest one they saw as a child, but not everyone actually gets to live that dream as an adult. We talked to six motorists about the car that used to make their world go round, and the one auto loan option they didn't know they have until now. Read on:

"I've always been fascinated by the Mini Cooper. There weren't a lot of them here when I was younger, so the first one I saw really stood out in my mind. Mukha siyang imported." - Rey, 28

"My dad used to be in the auto exchange business, so I experienced a lot of used cars growing up. But the one car I remember really loving was the Toyota Vios. Mas matipid siya than your average sedan." - Mikey, 28

"Hands down, the Honda CR-Z. Cars like that don't exactly thrive in a place like Metro Manila, but it's always been my dream to own one." - Chino, 30

"Toyota AE86! Bata pa lang ako mahilig na ako sa small cars. I think 'yun yung unang two-seater na nakita ko kaya super gusto ko siya dati." - Chira, 25

"I can name two: Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Honda Jazz. Dalawa sa pinaka-poging sasakyan na nakita ko." - Teddy, 32

"My childhood dream car was the Audi R8. Beautiful design, especially the headlight. Makikita mo yung makina sa likod since transparent siya. It also happens to be the car Tony Stark uses." - Marlon, 30

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