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Everything you need to know about the Metro Manila single ticketing system

It’s a big deal, indeed
bike lane violators apprehended by MMDA during road clearing operations in manila city
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The single ticketing system for the National Capital Region (NCR) is a huge deal for Metro Manila’s traffic system. First planned out in the early-’90s, it is finally coming into reality after the Metro Manila mayors approved its implementation during the Metro Manila Council meeting held last February 1, 2023. The single ticketing system is to be implemented by May 2, 2023, and here’s what you need to know about it.

What is the single ticketing system?

Image of MMDA enforcer single ticketing system

The single ticketing system is to be to be implemented under the Metro Manila Traffic Code of 2023 which is based on MMDA Resolution No. 23-02. Its main objective is to “harmonize the existing national and local laws on traffic enforcement to establish effective transport and traffic management in Metro Manila.” It also allows motorists who have been cited for traffic violations to settle their penalties anywhere, regardless of where they were apprehended within NCR.

Why was the single ticketing system created?

Image of the MMDA

Per the MMDA, the single ticketing system helps the agency, local government units, and Land Transportation Office with apprehending traffic violators through inter-agency cooperation. These include the payment of fines, along with the redemption of driver’s licenses and license plates.

The single ticketing system also wants to prevent “instances of uncoordinated implementation of traffic laws” that cause confusion for the driving public. Don Artes, acting chairman of the MMDA, added that this system will ‘help minimize corruption and eradicate forms of negotiations between the motorist and the officer.’

What are the cities covered by the single ticketing system in the pilot program?

commonwealth avenue motorcycle lane

Before its implementation regionwide, the single ticketing system will run a pilot program in seven cities. These are San Juan, Muntinlupa, Quezon City, Valenzuela, Parañaque, Manila and Caloocan. “The pilot testing will be done so the next LGUs that will be onboard will roll out their respective systems seamlessly,” said Artes.

There was no mention of the pilot program period at the time of writing, but the MMDA will make an announcement when the system will be applied for the whole of NCR.

What are the fines and violations under the single ticketing system?

vehicles caught for illegal parking in makeshift parking slots on the sidewalk

The violations included in the single ticketing system traffic are comprised of the most common offenses committed in Metro Manila. See the list below for the violations and corresponding penalties:

  • Disregarding traffic signs – P1,000
  • Illegal parking (attended) – P1,000
  • Illegal parking (unattended) – P2,000
  • Number coding scheme violation – P500
  • Truck ban – P3,000
  • Light truck ban – P2,000
  • Reckless driving – P1,000 (first offense), P2,000 (second offense), P2,000 with seminar (third and subsequent offenses)
  • Tricycle ban – P500
  • Obstruction – P1,000
  • Dress code for motorcycles – P500 (first offense), P750 (second offense), P1,000 (third and subsequent offenses)
  • Overloading – P1,000
  • Defective motor vehicle accessories – P1,000
  • Unauthorized modifications – P2,000
  • Arrogance/discourteous conduct – P500
  • Loading and unloading in prohibited zones – P1,000
  • Illegal counterflow – P2,000 (first offense), P5,000 (second and subsequent offenses)
  • Overspeeding – P1,000
  • Failure to use seatbelt – P1,000
  • Failure to use child restraint system (CRS) – P1,000 (first offense), P2,000 (second offense), P5,000 (third and subsequent offenses)
  • Use of substandard CRS – P1,000 (first offense), P3,000 (second offense), P5,000 (third and subsequent offenses)
  • No motorcycle helmet – P1,500 (first offense), P3,000 (second offense), P5,000 (third offense), P10,000 (fourth and subsequent offenses)
  • Use of helmet with no ICC markings – P3,000 (first offense), P5,000 (second and subsequent offenses)
  • Violation of Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act – P3,000 (first offense), P5,000 (second offense), P10,000 (third and subsequent offenses)

These fines and violations are according to the Metro Manila Traffic Code of 2023.

How do you settle violations under the single ticketing system?

motorist surrendering his driver’s license to an LTO officer

There are three ways to pay for fines covered under the single ticketing system. The first one is through any Bayad Center branch, including the ones located outside Metro Manila. That means motorists based outside of NCR no longer need to drive into the city to settle the violation.

The second option is through a Point of Sale (POS) system that the MMDA will provide to its constables. This gives the motorist the option of paying the fine on the spot. The final option is through digital payment platforms or e-wallets (ex. Maya, GCash, mobile banking apps, etc.).

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