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A Nissan GT-R went for a swim in Cebu City

But this Godzilla isn’t exactly amphibious
PHOTO: Blendell Sanico from Facebook

On the highway and at events, the Nissan GT-R gets second glances for a reason because of its distinct rear wing and sleek design. It’s one of the slickest, most-coveted cars around. But to see it nearly submerged in the ocean must be something else.

That’s exactly what locals in Cebu City witnessed on April 23. A sunny Saturday crowd was treated to a different kind of car show, as a white sports car was seen swimming in the sea.

Based on information from uploader Blendell Sanico, there was a legal drag race in the area when onlookers began to notice the vehicle making waves. “Siyempre gulat mga tao, pati ako,” he said. “Nagulat rin Nissan GT-R kaya yon!”

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He continuted: “Slope kasi yung surface and hindi po siya related sa legal drag race during that time. May mga naka-standby naman na mga rescue personnel at may mga gamit naman sila panghatak.”

It’s definitely odd to see a car like this taking a swim. Lest we forget, the Nissan GT-R price starts at P8.9 million. Our sympathies go to the owner.

We reckon that someone forgot the hand brake when it was parked. The luxury sports car was returned back to shore, taking about 30 minutes for the local team to retrieve it. Fortunately, there were no passengers and nobody was harmed during the incident.

NOTE: This article first appeared on Esquiremag.ph. Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: Blendell Sanico from Facebook
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