Should stoplight timers be used at intersections with no-contact apprehension cameras?

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by Drei Laurel | Jul 8, 2022
Traffic light with a countdown timer
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“Don’t worry. Just drive within the bounds of the law and you should be fine,” you reassure yourself as you drive through an area that’s known to have no-contact apprehension cameras watching. You’re not wrong—but at the same time, it’s easier said than done.

This is especially true when it comes to stoplights at intersections. To be blunt, some of the traffic lights around these parts seem to have a mind of their own. One moment it’s green, and as you enter the yellow box, it turns yellow and red in quick succession.

Boom. You get a notice of violation.

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The solution? Countdown timers at stoplights. Now, we know some intersections come with these, but they aren’t as widespread across the metro as they should be. And apparently, many of you guys think stoplight timers should be standard at intersections with no-contact apprehension cameras. Look:


Should intersections with no-contact apprehension cameras have timers?

I wonder why this is not a standard across all municipalities. This would be a big help for the people to know when to slow down instead of running a yellow light. – Jason Velez

“All traffic lights should have timers. The nasty crocodiles often hide underneath traffic lights with no timers to apprehend drivers for ‘beating the red light.’” – Aaron Lee

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“All traffic lights should have timers. They are very helpful for motorists to continue or slow down.”Jerome Budji Virtusio

“No. They should calibrate the camera so that once the stoplight turns red it will take a photo of the violator. Our traffic officials should go to Qatar and check how traffic cameras were operated especially the one for speeding and crossing red lights.”RegGie Gloriani Rodrigo

“Cities outside NCR have functioning traffic lights with timers, and very visible to the road but no cameras.

“Meanwhile, some cities in NCR have a no-contact apprehension policy, their traffic lights don’t have timers or are not visible on the road or hidden (only visible at the camera angle). It is like a money trap.”Val Ferdinand Sabiano

“This should be implemented on each and every stoplight so that motorists can keep up their pace when to slow down and prepare to stop safely not in a sudden manner.”Lemuelle Adique


“Yep, definitely a must-have. They got me good a few times in Parañaque due to the fast-changing yellow to red light. Traffic is slow, intersections are wide. You can get caught in the middle of the crossing without any warning.”Mark Anthony Capili

“Yes! Intersections without timers are traps to snag violators! And I think those who never thought of it never knew how to drive a vehicle or doesn't have an idea what momentum is all about.”Mark del Rosario

“Not just timers. They should set the yellow light to allow for the size of the yellow box. Not just a one- to two-second yellow light for all intersections.”Martin Galan

“Yes. So that apprehensions can be fair and to avoid borderline shift of green to yellow light.”Denni Dome

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