These 10 oddly satisfying car videos will make any gearhead’s day

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by Drei Laurel | Nov 2, 2018
PHOTO: Superior Hotsy

Anyone else here get excited every time they head out to the neighborhood car wash? And not because you’re going to drive home with a clean ride, but because you get a kick out of watching somebody cover your vehicle in foam, scrub it clean, and hose it down with a pressure washer?

We see a couple of hands up, so we guess we aren’t the only ones. This is just one of the many mundane things that car guys get satisfaction from.

If you’re having a rough day and are looking to de-stress, boy, do we have a treat for you. Below are 10 of the most oddly satisfying car videos we’ve come across on YouTube: everything from thorough car washes, to mesmerizing detailing jobs and even driveway sealant application. Watch these one by one and enjoy.

Making a clay model

Somebody please give us a big mound of clay to shave.

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The car-production process

The manufacturing process is supposed to be clean, fast, efficient, and precise down to the last bolt. Fun stuff to watch.

Dirty truck meets pressure washer

The number one reason to get your 4x4 dirty.

Bus-seat cleaning

This is heaven. On a more serious note, when was the last time these seats were washed prior to this? They look disgusting.

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Water transfer painting

Can you dip us in one of those?

Pure automotive detailing

Decontamination has never looked so satisfying. Over 14 minutes of pure detailing bliss.

Spraying borders on a parking space

Could these lines be any straighter?

Applying driveway sealant

Just try to ignore the banjo playing in the background.

Wheel restoration

Does anyone reading this have any spare wheels they would like to donate?

Car calligraphy

Smooth and silky. Beats taped bond paper and marker writing any day.

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PHOTO: Superior Hotsy
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